Craft Onsen®️ official website

Craft Onsen®️ official website

Craft Onsen SPA

The pinnacle of craft hot springs


The TŌJI SPA is the pinnacle of craft Onsen, and once you step inside, you will be surrounded by a sea of hot spring clouds.
Breathe deeply and take in the hot spring water from all over your body!

TŌJI SPA, the pinnacle of craft Onsen

HITŌ bath liquid

Enjoying a hot spring at home
Craft Onsen HITŌ Series

HITŌ(Craft Onsen bath liquid)

Onsen is a spring created by groundwater heated by geothermal energy and gushing out of the earth's crust.
Craft Onsen is a concentrated reduction type of hot spring that uses a patented process to "drip" hot spring ore into natural hot spring water to enhance its composition.

craft onsen bath liquid

HITŌ diffuser

A New Form of Hot Springs
Air Supplements

HITŌ AIR (Craft Onsen diffuser)

The Craft Onsen Diffuser HITŌ AIR uses a patented "air supplement" technology to spread a mist containing Onsen ingredients in a space. It is cordless, so you can enjoy Craft Onsen anytime, regardless of where you are, such as at meals, in the bedroom, or in the car.

HITŌ AIR regular membership: 8,250 yen/month (tax included)

SAYU drink

Craft Onsen beverage
SAYU series

SAYU (Craft Onsen Beverages)

The ancient Japanese tradition of "drinking spring" has been arranged for the modern age.
SAYU redefines mineral water as "multi mineral water".
Water has entered the age of contents.