We are developing products tailored to functions and uses under the theme of social implementation of craft hot springs.

We are developing products tailored to functions and uses under the theme of social implementation of craft hot springs.

Hot spring mist device

A New Idea of "Health While You are doing" - TŌJI HOME
At the office, at home, in the car, bathing in a hot spring at any time TŌJI HOME

TŌJI diffuser

The Craft Onsen diffuser is now available. The patented "Air Supplement" technology spreads a mist containing hot spring ingredients in the space, cleanses the air, moisturizes the space, and sends nourishment to your skin. It is cordless, so you can enjoy the Craft Onsen anytime and anywhere, such as at meals, in the bedroom, or in the car.

Regular membership: 8,250 yen/month (tax included) The first unit is sent free of charge.

Craft Onsen
Bathing Solution

Hot spring baths for everyday life.
Natural hot spring solution "Craft Onsen" HITŌ Series

Craft Onsen bath

The Craft Onsen bath series is the world's first concentrated reduced hot spring. The Craft Onsen technology, which extracts natural hot spring ingredients from the soil, has been called the espresso of hot springs and is attracting attention from around the world.

craft Onsen bath

Hot spring spray

The third option after alcohol and hypochlorous acid. A revolutionary product that combines high safety with the inactivation function of the new corona was born from a natural hot spring.

Onsen Sterilization Spray

A disinfectant spray that is also a beauty essence.
A completely new disinfectant spray focusing on the sterilizing power of hot springs.
We have already obtained data on inactivation of E. coli and Salmonella as well as the new covid19.
A hot spring sterilizing spray that is good for beauty. We propose a third option following alcohol and hypochlorous acid.

Craft Onsen spray

onsen water used for medical treatment

Redefining Mineral Water.
Craft Onsen beverages

Craft Onsen water & sparkling

"Redefine" Mineral Water.

Hot springs are actually the world's leading natural multi-mineral beverage. The water, which is rich in nutrients from the soil, is a good source of important trace elements that are difficult to obtain through diet or supplements.
A daily drinking habit will change your body.

Craft Onsen drinks

Craft Onsen drink

Drinking Onsen.
A modern twist on the ancient tradition of "drinking springs.
Craft Onsen redefines mineral water as [multi] mineral water.
To the age when you can see what's in your water.

Craft Onsen Drinks


Craft Onsen and Air Supplement's patented technology.
We offer state-of-the-art wellbeing.