The Climate made Onsen
and a craftsman made a Craft Onsen

Japanese Craft Onsen
to the world

The rain falls on the earth
In the maturing soil
For hundreds of millions of years
For hundreds of millions of years
Onsen is the very essence of the local climate.
Craft onsen is produced by artisans who know the taste of the soil.
Simple but clear.
Simple but profound.

For the people,
For the earth.

Prehistoric organisms ripen in the earth
and create resources called \”hot springs\” -Onsen-.
And we, who live in the modern world,
use hot springs as a catalyst for life.

This liquid mixes with the organic matter
discharged from our bodies as a liquid fertilizer for the earth.
It will return to the earth and moisten it.

The hot spring is a bridge that supports
the circulation of the earth and our living things.

Verification of inactivation
for COVID-19

With the cooperation of the research group of Gunma University Development & Innovation, we have confirmed for the first time in the world the inactivation of a coronavirus by Craft Onsen, and academically demonstrated its practicality.

What is the actual SDGs ?

Organisms and microorganisms that lived in ancient times
matured in the earth over a long period of time
to create resources called ONSEN.
Onsen may be said to be the very essence of life itself.