Japanese Onsen
to the world.

Air Supplement technology

It's not a sauna or Onsen.
To take minerals into the body by taking mineral mist and enhance the power of metabolism.
We're focusing on inner health that cannot be achieved by regular medical or healthcare.
We named it "TOJI"

To generate heat from inside by the power of minerals

Onsen TOJI has been held for over 1300 years in Japan.
The key for adjusting the body was the mineral contained in the hot spring. Minerals cannot be produced in the human body, so they must be taken from outside through food such as vegetables. The important factor for Onsen TOJI healthcare was to “act” minerals in the body.


Onsen TOJI has been held in Japan for over 1300 years.
TOJI is very naturally oriented so we cannnot go during snow season and so popular as well that have to wait over a year to experience. It is not a typical Onsen like to take bath tub but to take steam where you lie on warm rocks and suck minerals from the hot springs. In 2012, my first experience there has changed my "definition of health" completely.

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Only One technology called "high concentrated hot spring" .
The more mineral contain in hot springs, The better Onsen it is. We noticed the fact and found out the “Onsen shale layer” that contains rich minerals inside special rocks. Established the “Shale Onsen method" for liquid extraction of more than 30 minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese and silica from ores at high concentrations
and we named "Shale Onsen".



"Lifestyle TOJI CONCEPT"
Many of famous hot spring are very far away from city to carry your feet but we believe TOJI is necessary for those who are committed to the stressful modern society. So Le Furo created in a familiar place where you can always go but we offer home products at home for customers who do not have time to go spa everyday.
TOJI home series is a Onsen revolution to take Onsen TOJI anytime and anywhere.

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No1 cosmetics are produced by our inner body.

Our customers do little skin care after TOJI because they know the sebum from my body after taking TOJI bath and removing toxins is the best skin care for their own skin. The skin is shining “outside” only after the skin is repaired from the inside and nourishment is sent.

Let's unlock the secrets of TOJI skin care.