HITŌ diffuser

HITŌ AIR (Craft Onsen diffuser)

Take a Craft Onsen bath with your clothes on.
Le Furo proposes a new form of bathing called HITŌ AIR.
Hot springs (Onsen) are the world's best multi-mineral supplement.
Le Furo uses its patented "Air Supplement" technology to instantly create a cloud of hot spring. Let's get a beautiful body with a daily hot spring.

[Subscription] -HITŌ AIR- Craft Onsen diffuser
Main unit (first time only) + special Craft Onsen for about 1 month (300ml)
8,250 yen (tax included) *continues for 3 months
Feature 1
Craft hot spring mist. You can bathe your whole body in high-quality minerals.
The power of hot spring water for sterilization and anti-viruses can also be used for space sterilization.
how to use
Put 2 caps (10ml) of special Craft Onsen water into the main unit and fill it with water until it is full.