Craft Onsen: Ultimate circulation product

Organisms and microorganisms that lived in ancient times matured in the earth over a long period of time to create resources called “hot springs”- Onsen.
We use Craft Onsen as a catalyst for life. In addition to bathing, Craft Onsen is also used to nourish animals, to improve water quality, or to produce liquid fertilizer etc. After use, Onsen mixes with the organic matter discharged from our bodies and becomes a more nutritious liquid that returns to the earth to moisten it. Then it returns to the earth, which we have just buried, and becomes hot spring water again, enriching the earth in the future. Hot springs are the very essence of our life.

Not to stop with the shouting.

Craft Onsen does not require boring as the hot spring components are extracted from the ore on the surface of the earth. Since hot spring is a rare natural resource, we produce Craft Onsen while thinking about how to protect it.
In our workshop, we make only the amount we need, when we need it.
This is because we use natural hot spring water as raw material and we want to carefully protect this rare resource.
Also, we do not make new cardboard boxes or packaging as much as possible, but carefully reuse what we have.
We have also switched to 100% reusable domestic bottles for our own brand. It’s a little heavy for our regular members, but we have them reuse and refill the bottles over and over again.
The wastewater from the facility’s Craft Onsen is used as liquid fertilizer for the fields and flowers.
It’s a small, small effort, but through the use of Craft Onsen, we at Le Furo aim to achieve sustainable health and environmental protection for the earth and the creatures that live on it.