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3 important elements for healthcare

Le Furo strongly believes in human potential simply because we were convinced of the natural healing and immunity of the people by TOJI. There are 3 basic but very important elements for our healthcare.

  1. To warm up body
  2. To take minerals
  3. To remove stress

1. To warm up body

Self-heating by the power of metabolism

Do you know the fact that our normal heat is down by 0.6 ℃ for past 60 years ? Le Furo believes that the physical basis of all health is centralized in “warming up the body”. Because animals become “cold” at the end of their lives, it ’s a very simple idea of warming up = life activity.

39 ℃ -40 ℃( 102℉-104℉) is the room temperature set by Le Furo and is the recommended temperature for bathing scientifically proved. Although it is set considerably lower than other hot bath facilities, this is because the autonomic nerve is strongly aware of the temperature that is most relaxing, less than 41 ° C. However, there is a big problem that the body does not get warm if the temperature is low at the same time.

Switching to sympathetic nerves rapidly after 41 ° C

It is often said that “if the body temperature increases by 1 ° C, the basal metabolic rate increases by about 15%,” but not accurate. The correct answer is “If you make enough heat to increase your basal metabolism by 15%, your body temperature will increase by 1 ° C.”

The important thing here is that “the body temperature rises only when the body makes heat”. Since the purpose of a Sauna or bath is to warm the body itself, the body only receives the heat and there is no conversion to heat energy.

TOJI SPA absorbs minerals firmly in the body and “acts” as a catalyst for visceral enzymes, and uses muscles and fats as energy sources to create heat in the body and enhances basal metabolism. Lifestyle TOJI aims to promote “self-heating” that uses minerals to generate heat in the body.

2. To take minerals

The key is water solubilization and daily intake of a wide variety

As mentioned, minerals are essential nutrients to increase body metabolism. The following two points are important for “acting” minerals in the body.

①Water solubilization

This graph shows the possible absorption ratio by its form. Our “Shale Onsen™” ️ is an unprecedented hot spring concentrate that refines hot springs directly from ore as a liquid, but the point here is trace elements that exist in solid (mineral) in nature. Minerals are completely water-soluble. In this way, we succeeded in greatly increasing the absorption rate to the body.

② Multi trace elements

To mineralize mineral water

Question: Do you know what kind of minerals included and how much you normally take by mineral water or supplement( food) ?

Most of us are unaware of the importan of mineral for human beings.

comparison by Le Furo(left) and famous Onsen

Mineral “acts” on various nutrients in the body. It breaks down alcohol in the liver, makes skin with vitamins and protein, makes stool in the small intestine and excretes them, and many kinds of minerals are used to make everything “smooth” work in the body. Although the amount used has been very small, it has not been attracting much attention so far, but I think it will be a field that will be attracting a lot of attention in the future because it is said that there is a lack of minerals under all pathogens. At Lifestyle TOJI, we are conscious of taking such a wide variety of minerals naturally in daily life such as baths and meals.

3. To remove stress

This may be the ultimate goal for Le Furo.

Finally, the most important and most difficult theme is stress-free and stress-removal. Anyone who feels alive in this world will feel stress. Le Furo is convinced that stress is the biggest enemy of beauty and health. There are various causes and ways to deal with them, but we are studying everyday to try to solve it scientifically through Lifestyle TOJI.

When a person feels stress, the autonomic nerve becomes sympathetic and the blood vessels and muscles contract, that is, become tense. It is said that if you do so, blood pressure will rise, blood flow will not spread throughout the body, and body temperature will drop. There was an experimental result that a baby who can recognize the face of his mother had a body temperature dropped once when Mom came out of the room and disappeared from his vision, I think this is also the result of excessive stress→ autonomic nerve becomes sympathetic→ lower body temperature.

You can’t get rid of all the stress, and that doesn’t mean that it’s essential for health. The important thing is to remove stress without accumulating stress in daily life. Take minerals with daily TOJI, warm your body, prepare your autonomic nerves, and detox stress with sweat.