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Create the best cosmetic by our body

No matter what we use expensive lotion or cream, it cannot penetrate deep into the skin and repairs damaged cells, or moisture and oil on the skin cells, according to the research. In other words, the skin needs to be repaired from the “medium” of the body and fed with nutrients. Here was the root cause and misunderstanding of many years of skin trouble.

Skin is a mirror of the internal organs

One factor that makes baby’s skin beautiful is the speed of turnover. The turnover is activated only when the internal organs work firmly and nourishment is sent to every corner of the cell. In other words, there is no choice but to improve from the inside. This is why the skin is said to be a “mirror of the internal organs”.
As you age, your metabolism will worsen and the turnover cycle will be slower, but Le Furo TOJI’s greatest strength is to improve metabolism from the body through mineral charge.
LeFro customers rarely do skin care after TOJI. The reason is that the sebum from your body after taking in minerals and removing toxins is the best skin care in the world for your skin. When the pores open by TOJI’s warming power and minerals are sent in tightly, metabolism rises dramatically, draining excess water in the body with that power, and excreting toxins and waste products, the sebum secreted after that Become the finest cream.

Let’s make the best cosmetics in your body from today