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Why Onsen now ? 

AI, IT … the world is becoming more convenient but those technologies and machines are based on the premise that humans can be helped. 

“Human is left behind”

How much have we human evolved for the past 60-100 years while developing medical technology and industry ? Cancer death or the number of allergic diseases like atopic patients, and hay fever is increasing all over the world. The number of suicides and mental illnesses have increased dramatically past 20 years.

I want to make people more confident

No matter what technology is advanced, even if the world becomes convenient, they are just a way for people to live. It does not make people happy by itself. Healthcare technologies and new drugs can deal with all sorts of things, but they are never a substitute for our health. About 5,000 cancer cells are born every day in our body and it is us to control and fight inside. This is not a complicated story at all, it is the power of human nature. If it works normally, it will add oil when the body gets stagnant and will fix bugs if the computer fails.

I think it is not natural that humans suffer when we die. There must be a problem somewhere. Pursue human possibilities by nature power only. Because we are in this technology driven era, we want to focus on people thoroughly. Le Furo strongly want to be an organization which has responsible to the end of people’s life

Naoki Mita

CEO, Le Furo inc.

About Le Furo

JAPAN steam sauna style

TOJI is an unique hot spring ( Onsen ) bath culture with over 1300yrs history. TOJI has been introduced with one of the most important Buddhist ritual.

Le Furo TOJI was born by mixing the ancient TOJI’s “preparing the mind” and using latest healthcare technology.  We call TOJI for not only to simply soaking in hot spring water or mist, but to all kinds of habits using the power of nature to prepare the body and improve the vitality by preparing the mind. In addition to the services such as taking a mist spa, drinking minerals, or warming up body, we want to provide the true heart to save heart, and you can feel energetic by feeling the presence of important friends. It is called “Lifestyle TOJI”. We will continue to focus on “people” themselves.


Naoki Mita, CEO

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VISION: Japanese Onsen TOJI to the world

According to world values survey, Japan is the world No.1 country that places the highest priority on the natural environment. 

The history of Japan is also a history of the fight against harsh nature. Despite disasters such as volcanoes and earthquakes, we have nurtured a wonderful culture and history to this day without stopping.“TOJI” was born in such a harsh and rich nature. I met TOJI for the first time in 2011, when Great East Japan Earthquake happened. Honestly speaking, I had thought Onsen was kind of a light entertainment or relaxation tool but when I went TOJI for the first time, I was totally overwhelmed by the vitality of TOJI that nature creates, and I convinced that Japanese hot springs would advance health care around the world and decided to distribute it.

By expanding Japanese SAUNA TOJI, which has been handed down for over 1300 years, to the world, I would like to innovate the health care around the world and make people smile and happy.

MISSION: We prove human potential is more WOW than everyone imagine

We provide only 3 simple things

① Take minerals

② Warm up your body

③ Remove stress

Through TOJI, Le Furo sticks to these 3 treatments because it is absolutely necessary for anyone at any age. If any one of these are lacking, our life activity will not function properly.  We can activate cells with minerals as catalysts, raise body temperature by daily TOJI, and remove the stress by our life help desk so that we can function properly in the body and restore mental and physical health.  Le Furo will be the NO1 company in above 3 fields. By those activities, we can provide sustainable and essential health care to people around the world.

Company profile

Le Furo inc.

HQ : 3-21-3 Nishiazabu Minato-city Tokyo  

CEO: Naoki Mita 

Business: Onsen SPA construction, Onsen refinery, R&D  

☎︎: +81-3-6381-7450