Shale Onsen


① Shale Onsen: To “refine” Onsen

Raw shale Onsen

By mixing ore called “Onsen shale layer” with natural hot springs at our special technology, we make a boosted Onsen which dissolution rate of the hot spring is over 20% and the active ingredients that cannot be dissolved in the natural hot springs are injected. This hot spring concentration is increased to about 10,000 times and make it possible to refine “ portable Onsen” by concentrated hot spring stock solution.

By fully ionizing only mineral components from ores aged in the shale layer, rich hot spring components containing more than 30 minerals are extracted at 10,000 times the normal concentration, and residual stones are removed with a 0.2 micron filter. Can produce high-purity hot spring concentrate.

Differences from hot spring flowers and bath salts

Minerals are extremely difficult to solubilize in nature, resulting in variations in the quality of natural hot springs. This factory can fully ionize hot spring ingredients including trace metals and add them to natural hot springs.

② Mineralized water: NOT mineral water

Have you checked the ingredient of mineral water ?

mineral water “must” include minerals…

Advantage of Le Furo mineral is you can add-on mineral at your favorite water due to its water-soluble and change mineral ingredient easily. This is why we call Le Furo mineral as “mineralized water””. LeFurox is over 2,000 times of concentration ratio against natural mineral water and including not only 15 essential minerals but derived over 30 kinds mineral which are also necessary for human.

Le Furo “water-soluble” mineral products make it dramatically easier and higher to absorb minerals compared with tablet or food.

“Multi” minerals means…

Pls see this pie chart which shows how manu minerals included in each supplement.

the more colorful, the better supplement

Le Furo is working directly on global mineral deficiency problem for long time. We think it is very important to be “unconscious” in order to make it a habit.
Therefore, I was conscious of taking in naturally from the daily life of “breathing” as our patent tech called “AIR SUPPLEMENT” or “bathing” as ” Shale onsen” method.

What we call Mineralized Water is our “Determination” for this issue.

column: The importance of multi minerals for human

Mineral is necessary for human being. Linus Pauling, who was awarded Nobel prize two times, said “You can trade every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Others said very similar comment for minerals.

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Massive production has dried up soil minerals, and modern people are in serious mineral shortages.

Mineralized water made at our shale hot springs has an overwhelming content and absorption rate, so you can feel the taste of minerals that lack the taste of the taste buds when you drink.

Interestingly, the taste of various minerals that you can never taste in ordinary water changes how people feel depending on the physical condition and lifestyle of the day