The organisms and microorganisms that lived in ancient times matured in the earth over a long period of time and created a resource called “Onsen- hot spring-“. We, the people of today, use hot springs as a catalyst for life. When we use Onsen, it becomes a more nutritious liquid and returns to the earth.
Long before the world was crying out for SDGs, Onsen was in the middle of the global cycle. Through the use of craft Onsen, Le Furo aim to realize sustainable health and environmental protection for the earth and the creatures that live on it.

Naoki Mita

History of Craft Onsen Development

From Oil to Onsen

 If no one knocks, we’ll make a new door.

Milton Berle.

Discomfort” in the disaster and energy business

On March 11, 2011, Mita (who will make craft onsen much later) was participating in several meetings at an electric power company in Nagoya. The topic was the liberalization of electric power, which was being actively discussed at the time, and risk management related to CO2 emission rights.
I was originally scheduled to have a similar meeting in Sendai that day, but it had to be rescheduled, so I visited Nagoya as a replacement. Mita had finished the first meeting and was having a late lunch before the next meeting at three o’clock.
At that time, he felt a tremor and later, he found out that it was a seismic intensity 3, but at the time he thought it was just a very long tremor. I was on my way to a meeting when I was told that all plans were cancelled….
It was only then that he learned that the Great East Japan Earthquake had struck.

At the time, Mita was working in the international commodities market division of a European and US investment bank, focusing on natural resources, trading natural resources around the clock.

On the day of the earthquake, his team was trading mainly in Singapore but also in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Mita himself happened to be in Nagoya on a business trip that day, but the team members were in the Roppongi office when the disaster struck.
International commodities are a completely free market with futures markets in addition to physical commodities. In the oil market, where Mita was involved, speculators as well as actual consumers participated, providing the market with sufficient liquidity and active trading. The market is also greatly affected by geopolitical risks such as conflicts and disasters, in addition to the supply and demand, and the Great East Japan Earthquake was indeed a major factor in the market fluctuations.
In conclusion, his trading team made a large profit from this disaster. As a professional market participant, this should have been a natural result,
it was supposed to be…

The reality is that while many people are dying in front of our eyes, we use it as one of the “events” in the market to trade. I have been using war and disasters as “material” for trading. I had turned my back on the inconvenient truth.

What on earth am I doing my job for?

In the spring of 2011, when all of Japan was literally in the dark, Mita had a fateful encounter that would determine the rest of her life.

It was an encounter with a Onsen TOJI.


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